Services February-March 2024

Services February - March 2024

All services are in the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula unless otherwise indicated*. 
There are no services during August or on the Sundays immediately following Christmas and Easter. 

18th February 2024 Lent 1
0915 Holy Communion       
1100 Choral Matins             
Responses: Byrd
Psalm 25: 1-9.

Benedictur: Byrd (Short Service)
Anthem: Remember not, Lord (Amner)
Readings Genesis 9:8-17 and Mark 1:9-15.

Hymns 74, 70, 272.


25th February 2024 Lent 2
0915 Holy Communion           
1100 Holy Communion     
Messe Basse (Fauré)
Motet: Cantique de Jean Racine (Fauré)
Readings 1Thes 4:1-8 and Matt 15:21-28.

Hymns 63, 69, 65.


3rd March 2024 Lent 3
0915 Holy Communion (White Tower)     
1100 Choral Matins     
Responses: Morley
Psalm 19.

Benedictus: Gibbons
Anthem: Rex autem David (de Ribero)
Readings Exodus 20: 1-17 and John 2: 13-22.

Hymns 68, 64, 353.


10th March 2024 – Lent 4 Mothering Sunday
0915 Holy Communion                       
1100 Choral Matins                     
Responses: Sumsion
Psalm 34: 11-20.

Benedicite: Sumsion
Anthem: Ave maris stella (Grieg)
Readings 1Samuel 1:20 – end and John 19:25b – 27

Hymns 440, 457, 401.


17th March 2024 – Lent 5 Passion Sunday (St Patrick's Day)
0915 Holy Communion                   
1100 Stainer’s Crucifixion       


24th March 2024 Palm Sunday
0915 Holy Communion                           
1100 Choral Matins (Meeting outside the RRF HQ at 1045 for parade to the Chapel)
Responses: Clucas
Psalm 118:1-2 and 19 – end

Te Deum: Howells (Windsor Service)
Anthem: Hosanna to the son of David (Gibbons)
 Isaiah 50:4-9a and Matthew 21:1-11
Hymns 509, 95, 511.


25th-27th March 2024
25th Monday 2000 - Compline       
26th Tuesday 1900 - Haydn’s Seven Last Words  - The London Haydn Quartet
27th Wednesday 2000 – Compline 


28th March 2024 Maundy Thursday
1815 Confirmation St John the Evangelist, White Tower   
1900 Holy Communion St Peter ad Vincula             
Sarum Mass (Leighton)
Motet: Ubi caritas (Gjeilo)
Readings 1 Cor 11:17 – end and Luke 23:1-49.

Hymns 296,294,272,378.


29th March 2024 Good Friday
1900 Good Friday Meditation St Peter ad Vincula     
Duruflé Requiem


31st March 2024 Easter Sunday and State Parade
0915 Holy Communion (White Tower)       
1100 Holy Communion             
Full service details on a service sheet
Coronation Mass (Mozart)
Motet: This joyful eastertide (Wood)
Readings Colossians 3:1-7 and John 20:1 - 10.

Hymns - as per sheet


*Please note that for certain major services, in particular the Christmas Carol Service, admission is by ticket issued in advance and/or by named lists, so anyone arriving without a ticket or whose name is not on a list for one of these popular services may be refused admission. The Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula seats only 180 - fewer than many parish churches - and there is simply not room for as many as would like to attend some services.  Please check, at the latest by the preceding Friday, with the Chapel Admininistrator to avoid disappointment.  Thank you for your understanding.

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